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Optometrist in 89136

Optometrists are licensed eye care professionals who provide services similar to an ophthalmologist. Our optometrist in 89136 is trained to accurately test your vision and prescribe corrective lenses.

The optometrist in 89136 also manages and treats infections or injuries of the eyes, including the fitting of contact lenses and the prescribing and care of ocular medications. They might also provide low-vision services for those who are experiencing sight loss.

Convenience Visit At the Optometrist in 89136

Visiting your optometrist in 89136 is more convenient than visiting other specialists. Your appointment gets you in and out quickly, and you don't need to drive across the city to visit multiple providers. You also don't need to make a separate trip when your appointment ends.

Many health insurance plans include vision benefits, including regular eye exams and prescription eyewear. It's helpful to choose a provider who accepts your insurance and is recommended by your plan. That way, you'll know your benefits and won't have to worry about paying out-of-pocket expenses for exams and glasses. Additionally, some health insurance companies cover unexpected eye injuries or diseases. If your plan does include coverage for these types of situations, then you can try our in-house vision benefits plan with the optometrist in 89136, which can walk you through it without any extra stress.

You can also find a range of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and safety glasses at our optometrist in 89136's office to help you see clearly every day. 

Contact our optometrist in 89136 to schedule an appointment today!


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