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Optometrist in 89138

Eye care is also an important part of your life. Optometrists are an integral part of eye care, providing regular eye exams, glasses, and other vision services.

What Makes the Optometrist in 89138 Different?

Our optometrist in 89138 is trained to diagnose and treat eye conditions like nearsightedness and farsightedness in children and adults. We also provide contact lens services in addition to standard eye exams. This can save you the time and cost of visiting a separate specialist, and the convenience is hard to beat! In addition to providing regular checkups and fitting contact lenses, the optometrist in 89138 also offers additional specialty services that can benefit patients of all ages. These services may include treatment for dry eyes, eye allergies, cataracts, and more.

One of the most common reasons for visiting an optometrist in 89138 is the need for an exam for contacts. These examinations follow the same basic guidelines as typical eye exams but have a slightly narrower focus. Your eyes will be examined to ensure that you are able to wear contacts without experiencing any negative effects. Some individuals may need vision correction before they are able to begin wearing contacts, while others may be eligible to wear lenses if they are able to be fitted appropriately with a prescription.

The optometrist in 89138 will examine your eyes to ensure that you are healthy enough to wear contacts without any adverse side effects. This may include checking your eye pressure, corneal thickness, and general eye health. We may also recommend specific types of contacts that are better suited to your particular needs and lifestyle.

If you’re planning a trip to our optometrist in 89138, consider visiting Summerlin Vision. 


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