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Contacts Lenses in Las Vegas, NV

Contacts Lenses in Las Vegas, NV

Contact lenses provide a perfect solution for people who don’t want to be bothered by the hassles that glasses can cause. They are growing in popularity and with good reason. Contacts are comfortable and convenient, offer crystal-clear vision that doesn’t get in the way of your natural beauty.

State-of-the-art technology and modern materials have led to the development of many new types of contacts. At Summerlin Vision in the Las Vegas area, we offer complete services for contact lenses, including contact lens eye exams, their fittings, and a full range of quality lenses and products. Besides this, we are well-equipped to prescribe lenses for almost every vision condition.

What Are the Different Types of Contact Lenses?

There are various kinds of contact lenses, and these include: 

  • Soft Contact Lenses 

Soft contacts come in two basic types: daily wear and extended wear. Both of these lenses are produced from thin, elastic material and water. Daily-wear lenses should be removed, cleaned, and stored every day. Extended-wear lenses can be worn even overnight. However, there is an increased risk of infection associated with extended-wear lenses. 

  • Hard Contact Lenses 

Hard contact lenses offer clearer vision and last longer. Many kinds of hard contact lenses are available in bifocals. It could take some time for you to get used to wearing hard contacts as they could slide out while you engage in vigorous physical activity or sports.

  • Gas Permeable Lenses (GP)

Gas permeable lenses may be better for some vision conditions. They outshine at providing a clear vision for many challenging eye conditions, and their high oxygen permeability lowers the risk of eye infections. These contacts may require a short adjustment period until they are comfortable. When cared for properly, these resilient lenses can last a few years.

  • Specialty Contact Lenses

If you have hard-to-fit vision conditions, such as keratoconus, astigmatism, or presbyopia, we provide various specialty lenses to meet your needs. Based on your vision prescription, Dr. Civia McCaffrey may prescribe hybrid lenses, toric lenses, bifocal/multifocal, or scleral lenses.

  • Color Contacts Lenses

If you want a new look for your eyes, we can help you with our collection of specialty cosmetic tinted lenses.

What Is the Process For Contact Lens? 

Dr. Civia McCaffrey will use first-rate optometric technology and measure your eyes precisely to fit you with the ideal contacts. Before starting with the contact lens fitting, we will ask you about your visual needs, duration of use, and lifestyle. These details will make a significant difference in the lenses that we could recommend for you to purchase.

To get yourself fitted with contact lenses, visit us at Summerlin Vision in the Las Vegas area or call at (702) 243-8788 to schedule your appointment.

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