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Dry Eye Treatment in Las Vegas, NV

Dry Eye Treatment in Las Vegas, NV

Dry eye is a common eye condition that occurs when your tears cannot produce adequate lubrication for your eyes. Not only is it bothersome, but it can also seriously affect your quality of life.

You don't have to live with dry eyes. At Summerlin Vision in Las Vegas, we can provide some of the latest dry eye relief treatments to help you get back to enjoying a comfortable vision.

What Are Reasons for Dry Eye?

Tears can be unstable and insufficient for many reasons. For instance, dry eyes may happen if your eyes don't produce enough tears or due to increased tear evaporation. This lack of ability of the eyes can cause damage and inflammation to its surface.

Dry eyes can disrupt the healthy tear film. The tear film has three layers: aqueous fluid, fatty oils, and mucus. This combination typically keeps the surface of your eyes lubricated, smooth, and clear. Complications with any of these layers could lead to dry eyes. Tear film dysfunction could be caused by one of many things, including inflamed eyelid gland, hormone changes, autoimmune disease, or allergic eye disease.

What Are Symptoms of Dry Eye?

Here are few symptoms of dry eye, which usually affect both eyes:

  • A burning, stinging, or irritable feeling in your eyes
  •  Mucus strings occur around or in your eyes.
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Redness of the eye
  • A sense of having some particle in your eyes
  • Trouble wearing contact lenses
  • Difficulty with nighttime driving
  • Watery eyes, due to the irritation of dry eyes
  • Blurred vision or eye fatigue

What Are Some Treatments for Dry Eye?

  • Artificial Tears

The most standard treatment for dry eye syndrome is eye drops that produce artificial tears and increase the moisture in your eyes. 

  • Lacrimal Plugs

We might use lacrimal plugs to block the drainage holes in the corners of your eyes. This is a reasonably painless, reversible procedure that slows down tear loss. If your eye condition is severe, the plugs may be used as a permanent solution.

  • Medications

Medications for dry eye syndrome include an anti-inflammatory drug called cyclosporine. The drug increases the number of tears in your eyes and lowers the possibility of damage to your cornea. If your condition of dry eye is too severe, you may need to use corticosteroid eye drops for a short period while the medication takes effect.

  • Home Care

If you are prone to have dry eyes, use a humidifier to increase moisture in your room and avoid dry climates. Reduce your contact lens wear and the time you spend in front of the computer or television.

Living with dry eyes doesn't have to be a way of life. If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms, please visit us at Summerlin Vision in the Las Vegas area or call at (702) 243-8788 to schedule your appointment.

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